Carpet Cleaning Testimonials

We have 2 dogs that are in and out all the time. With the amount of dirt they track in I thought we were going to have to replace our carpet. We tried getting it cleaned first by another company. Only a month later we called Areas Best and were very surprised and excited to see how much more his method cleaned versus the other guy. The amount of crud Dan got out, including the amazing amount of soap left in the carpet, was truly amazing. You've got something there Dan. - Jeff & Ann C.


Dan did an absolutely phenomenal job on my carpets. It was almost embarrassing having him come see them - they were in pretty rough shape, but he handled it like a pro. I left the house in the morning and came back to a whole new house. My kids keep talking about our "new" carpet.

Thanks a lot Dan - really appreciate all the work you put into them, and I will definitely be calling you again (on a more frequent basis). :) - Ashley W.


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