Allergies & Asthma

Allergies affect nearly 20% of Americans and asthma affects an estimated 17 million people in the U.S. alone. This causes misery to many of us and our children. Allergic reactions are caused by substances in the environment known as allergens. Almost anything can be an allergen for someone. Many of the most common allergens can be both removed by professional carpet cleaning, such as walked in pollens from trees and grasses, house dust mites and their waste, molds, and pet hair. Unfortunately however, many Industrial and household chemicals, such as varieties used in professional carpet cleaning are also major allergens contributing to very poor indoor air quality and chemical sensitivity.

Areas Best offers a service that corrects the problem. We use a completely new, unique combination of natural substances which eliminate all air allergens, such as mite excrement, pollen, animal hair, and mold spores. This method creates, to the greatest possible extent, rooms that become allergen-free. Meaning that hay fever, watery / runny eyes, neuro-dermatitis and asthma cause by air allergens can now be effectively combated. And with no need to get rid of carpets, upholstery or pets.

Carpet Lifespan

Dirt and soil corrodes carpet fibers, making it look old and faded. Deep cleaning keeps it from getting matted down, and from having to replace your carpet sooner than you need to. A deep steam clean will generally make your carpets look new again. The heat memory technology embedded in the fibers brings your carpets back to life each time they are cleaned. The most beneficial reason to get your carpets cleaned is to provide a cleaner living environment for you and your family. Even though it might not look very dirty, mold, spores, dirt, pet dander, and other unwanted health risks can be trapped in the fibers if you don't clean it. Cleaning your carpets regularly also improves the air quality of the rooms they are in.

2. Use mats at every entry of the house. A good outside mat removes mud and other debris and can withstand the elements, while an inside one absorbs moisture. The inside mat should also be heavy enough to lay flat and have a rubber back to prevent slippage. Cleaned these mats regularly, and they can extend the life of your carpet.

3. Maintain your vacuum. Because the bag is over half full, most vacuum cleaners in American today are 70 percent ineffective. A bag over half full greatly reduces the vacuum's efficiency, so change it before it gets to this point.

4. Take care of spots and spills quickly. Most spills can be removed easily is attended to right away. If you let spills sit on the carpet for too long, you risk greater damage than there otherwise might be. Keep a quality general spotter on hand and have a multi-part professional spotting kit to cover most spills.

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